The World

It was as if I typed enough things then I shall make them come true; the abstraction layer of life so as to give to others the requisite knowledge of abstraction! We think we understand abstractions, but can we really trace it to the root? And if we can’t trace it to the root, then what powerful tool are we using that we don’t understand that commands the magic behind the underlying reality?

Ah, but words! They give us such control over things, lead us to believe that we are mighty! For words! Words! Have given us certainty when in the beginning there was only uncertainty.

But what have we traded in exchange for words? I wonder it all the time… what have we lost because we have gained words? For it is a rule in nature that should one gain, one must lose, and should one lose, one must gain. There is always equivalence in some manner, but can we see the equivalence we have paid with words?

How much longing and wrestling away at demons have words brought to existence! And can man even understand anymore what is really there or what is just a mirage? But we have come closer and closer to achieving this dream state… where one day words will parallel reality: only, this reality will be completely virtual, but then, why should we care? The brain does not make a difference on the level of virtual versus non-virtual: what it sees is surely real: despite it happening across a computer screen.

And therein lies again the tradeoff… the mind makes no difference of the voice that sings across your laptop and the voice that sings in front of you. But then, should it make a difference? Or have we only confused ourselves more by beginning to believe that TV is reality…

Oh but what am I saying! TV? We live in the age of streaming! TV isn’t even a mirror of reality, personal taste is the reality… of selecting a variety of music, of “choosing” which of the curated articles you read, of musing of the crassness of movies all the same while watching them, which of course came from a recommendation…

All built upon words! Words! Abstraction, the beauty! But what have we given…

Do Words Have Meaning?

I always thought,
through time and day
that one day words
would mean something.

But as I walked
around the streets
I began to feel
A kind remorse.

A man would say, “how was your day”?
And to the other, well “it’s great” they’d say.
So then I thought, that’s lovely
That most days people say, that life is great.

But when I left
and headed home
I laid down on
my bed and heard

that just upstairs a commotion came
that sounded like, two roommates saying
from one feminine voice, “My life is great.”
and from one masculine voice, “Go to hell.”

A door was slammed
And then I heard
A sad whimpering
And that was it.

So then I thought
how could it be
that life is great
but one must cry?

The next few days
as I walked the streets
I began to eye
The people

I heard their words
But I also looked at their face
And when I did
I saw this instead

“How was your day,”
A slight frown today.
And “It’s great,”
Looking up and away.

Wow I thought! This is really the key
Could it be, that people say
the opposite
Of what they intend?

So I went home and went upstairs to my neighbor’s door
As I needed to ask him what his face looked like yesterday when he slammed the door.

I gave it a knock and she opened the door.
Her face was poor, her eyes darting and puffy
And so I thought, I’ll cheer her up!
Gave her a great big smile and said “GO TO HELL!”

But I was surprised to find that she did not respond in smiles
And only slammed the door, and left it at that.

But then I thought, Ah, it makes sense to me now.
For on reflecting on what I heard yesterday
I remembered her crying after he said “GO TO HELL.”
But if today I was smiling, and yesterday he was frowning
Then perhaps words had no meaning at all,
And actions were the only thing, that mattered at all?


Pt. 2 incoming later…