Things I Did A While Back

At the end of 2014 into 2015, I had an obsession with tracking my time. I was previously using things like Rescue Time in order to track my time on the computer… and decided to escalate it as there was all this time that I wasn’t tracking off the computer.

I went manual. So from mid-November 2014 to the end of January 2015 I tracked all my activities to the best of my ability in a text file. Here they are.

I changed the names of people to GENDER_LETTER to reflect people who don’t reoccur often. Other names were switched to gender-appropriate aliases to protect identity. A few other things are switched for clarity and are denoted by THIS_SORT_OF_CASING, but everything else is raw.

When I played copious amount of video games, I logged it. When I had sex, I logged it. When I ate, when I showered, when I spoke with people, when I did homework, if I multi-tasked and listened to music while doing homework… it’s all there.

Context: This is a 19 year old boy in college who is planning to drop out of college at the end of the quarter: so around April. As a result, I didn’t go to class as often as most students and so a lot of hours were spent working on projects or else talking to people.

I’ll let the documents speak for themselves, but a few interesting facts over the course of the ~75 days:

I spoke to 61 different people: 32 females, 29 males.

With Emma, I spent 5 hrs 45 min in Nov, 28 hrs 45 min in Dec, 30 hrs in Jan for ~64 hours total.

With Sarah, I spent 23 hrs 30 min in Nov, 23 hrs in Dec, 7 hrs 15 min in Jan for ~53 hours total.

With Mike, I spent 30 min in Nov, 7 hrs in Dec, 14 hrs in Jan for ~21 hours total.

Cumulatively: that’s ~138 hours with the top 3 people.

I played a lot of video games: in November 0 hrs, December 53 hrs 30 minutes (HearthStone), and January 81 hours (CardHunter) for ~134 hours total, (roughly the same amount of time I spent with top 3 people…)

On the “work” front– really career related things like school, clubs, and projects:

For Classes/Studying, I spent 12 hrs in Nov,  48 hrs in Dec, 27 hrs in Jan for ~87 hours total.

For iOS Related projects/work, I spent 8 hrs 30 min in Nov, 17 hrs in Dec, 47 hrs in Jan for ~72 hours total.

For TECH_CLUB (which I created), I spent 30 min in Nov, 30 min in Dec, and 47 hrs 30 min in Jan for ~48 hours total.

Cumulatively: that’s ~207 hours in “career”-related activities.

I also spent a substantial amount of time reading, writing, and reflecting… but that’s nothing too new.

A few other notable moments:

When you don’t even know what you did for an hour:

Nov 26, 2014:
??? (10-11PM)

When you get food poisoning… and then

Nov 28, 2014:
Woke up at 4AM
Vomiting (4AM -> 9AM)

Still guesstimate how long you were food poisoned for

Nov 30, 2014:
Woke up at 8:50AM
Morning Routine + Filling in Nov 27/28 now (due to sickness) (8:50AM->9:10AM)

When one nap just wasn’t enough…

Dec 7, 2014:
Nap (3:10PM -> 3;44PM)
Nap (3:44PM -> 5:05PM)

But on a more serious note…

There was pain:

Dec 26, 2014:
Move out of Dad’s House(12:00PM -> 2:35PM)
Texted + Tried calling Sarah (11:20PM -> 12:00AM)
Sleep at 12:15AM

And hope:

Jan 16, 2015:
Best Idea(11:50PM -> 12:30AM)

And a conclusion:

Feb 2nd, 2015:
Woke up at 10:45AM
->> DISCONTINUING THIS DOCUMENT. REASON: I don’t know, but I think I need to step away from rationality and precision of clarity. I must return to being okay with grey and uncertainty of my own actions.

A will to feel instead of analyze must be taken up.

All of this actually happened. Cognitive Dissonance. And the question still remains, how ought a person spend their time?

Well, how do you spend your time?