What does one make of stones?

Well? What does one make of them? Because at first one may look at a stone and think, well, tis’ just a stone, and surely because it is just a stone, that would leave it as such… a stone.

But then, another man or woman would pass by and say quite quickly, well, tis’ not just a stone! Is a weapon, look, and they would take the stone and feign an attack on the foolish man or woman who simply thought was just a stone.
And such an event of course would have a profound impact on a person, so much so that in the following days they would take to thinking tirelessly of this stone and of what it could be.

Perhaps a stone is a stone, but it also a weapon, and if also a weapon, then perhaps a toy! And this man or woman would then proceed to find the nearest child and engage in a game of catch with them, and given the rock was of the proper size, would end up having a jolly good time.

Amazed by the ingenuity of such a discovery, that a stone could be a stone, a weapon, and a toy, this man or woman would of course be compelled to go even further… perhaps a rock could also then be employed as a digging tool! And this same man or woman would of course take to using a larger sized rock to move the dirt upon the ground with relative success, enough again to be compelled into believing that this stone was now a stone, a weapon, and toy, and a shovel.
And the list would continue, each day a new discovery of the old… stone, weapon, toy, shovel, fire ring, jewelry, massage apparatus, weight, bowling ball, housing material, anchor, grinder, fake muscles, shade, and more… all from a stone?

And one day this man or woman would ask of his spouse or children, to please grab the nail clipper, for he or she desired to cut his or her nails, but of course nail clippers had not been invented yet, and no man or woman had a desire to cut their nails, and so the spouse and children would look around in bewilderment, unsure of what it was that the was that he or she desired…
And the first argument would erupt. For how could he or she have been wed to a spouse or have children so blind? So as to not see with clarity the nail clipper’s laying right there on the table… the stone.

And the spouse and children would sigh a sigh of relief. Of course, those were nail clippers… they certainly could be used to trim nails and though neither the spouse nor children did so, it was perfectly reasonable for someone to clip their nails, and so they would bring the stone… the nail clipper over.

And for the next few days everything was fine, and the family tolerated the man or woman’s use of nail clippers though they still saw the stone as a stone, but did not fuss when he or she asked for the nail clippers instead of the stone. That is, of course, until one day, this man or woman said to the family that he or she was going to kill themselves.

The family, shocked into terror, ran to this man or woman and held him or her dearly, so as to give reassurance, and of course ask for why he or she would ever want to do such a thing? And the man or woman would scratch his or her head, for how was it that he or she could have a family who is so naive as to believe that he or she was going to actually kill themselves? It was just an expression, for his or her nails were getting much too long and he or she desired to clip them again.

But this time the family would scratch their heads too, for what had come about this person, and what had led them to these sorts of… expressions? And upon further questioning the man or woman would explain his or her whole story, about the day he or she saw the stone and how another person came and used it as a weapon.

And how they began thinking of the stone, until, tired of thinking of the stone and began to think of life itself! And upon turning focus, it was like a grand discovery had been made, and he or she finally understood the foundation of life: for if the stone could be anything he or she wanted it to be, so it must follow that he or she could also be anything that he or she wanted to be.

Death was just a myth! For if I chose to be living, then I should be living. And if I chose to be dead, so I shall be dead. If I chose to be kind, so then I am kind. If I chose to be evil, so then I am evil. It matters not, so long as I have thought it!

The spouse and children scratched their heads once more, but owing to the certainty that he or she spoke to, they were inclined to believe him or her, and saw in this some sort of holy power. They too began to choose what was truthful to themselves and what was not (though they never bargained to test death, they still firmly believed that it was true that they could at once decide to be living or dead, and plus, who would ever choose death over living?), and it was in this fashion that man came to today.

You Don’t Say

God how I love that man!
Who is sitting right there on a wooden bench
looking up into the sky

I walk over to him, “Tell me! What have you learned oh wise one about the world? You charmer of spirits, you gazer of moons! Does the sun not rise eternally up for you?”

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The Lonely Lion

Once upon a time, there was great big lion that all the animal kingdom feared. Anywhere he’d go, the animals would run away. Our lion didn’t know why though, he didn’t know he was so feared. All he wanted to do, was make his first friend.

He’d run around the safari, looking for friends, but everywhere he went no one would stay. Sometimes he’d sneak up real close to an animal and say, “HEELLLOO!” real loud so they could hear him. But it never worked out, and at the end of the day, they’d always run away.

One day, as he sat and rested, he saw a bird flying high above over him. Normally he’d tried to say hi, but it was so far away, he let it fly. He stood perfectly still and after a few moments, the bird flew closer to him. He still didn’t move but watched more intently now. Would this perhaps be his first fellow friend? And then, as if the gods had heard his question, the bird flew so close it landed on his nose! Can’t believing his luck, the lion jumped up and said hi! HI friend! First friend of mine! But as soon as he did, the bird screeched an awful screech and flew away quite quickly indeed.

The lion sat back down. It was getting late. Maybe he was meant to simply be alone. But no! He wasn’t done trying yet, he’d think of a plan! He knew just the one. He’d do just what he’d done, it’d almost worked perfectly. He’d stay perfectly still, no matter the cause. He simply wait and wait, no matter how long. If that’s what it took, to make a friend, in this safari land.

When he woke up, his tummy was grumbling. When was the last time, he’d gone out to eat? It didn’t matter, today was the day. He sat still and waited. Several hours passed, nothing happened. Our lion became frustrated, but he was patient.

The sun began setting, maybe it was time to retire. But then suddenly, he heard a roar from just past the spire. Over the hill, the sound of hooves and panting. And after a moment, he saw them, running in tandem. A zebra and a lion! But the zebra was much quicker than the other lion. And in short notice, the zebra got away and the other lion sat and caught her breath.

She was beautiful, he thought to himself. He’d never seen another lion before. And that roar he heard, was that hers? It was really quite scary; he was sorry he overheard. He had so many questions for the female lion, he wanted to roar and say hello! But he remembered his plan, stay patient, not bad.

A few hours passed and it was almost night. The female lion had taken a while to catch her breath, and this whole time this male lion was staring at her. He’d simply stared and stared, no words, no motion. So she figured it was time, for some feminine action.

She strolled up lazily to the man of no action. She circled him a few times, but still he didn’t move. She resolved then, to take it another step further. She got right up next to him, their noses almost touched. And just like that, she extended her tongue and licked him. Oh and how excited he was! A lick on the nose? Oh goody oh woah! But he was still unsure. Was he supposed to say hello? He opened his mouth slightly, he almost said it. But he was too afraid, to ruin this great moment.

The female lion spoke instead, she was quite confused and upset, “Hello? Are you there or am I here? Is this a joke or what’s gone broke?” He didn’t reply, he kept to his patience. After all, he’d received his first hello. But suddenly, the female lion walked away. She simply turned her tail and then ran to escape. Our lion tried calling out to her, “Wait!” But it was too late. She didn’t hear him, and she’d gone off and escaped.

How cruel was his fate, so close to his first mate! But now he knew, exactly what to do. He had the formula, the secret to it all. All he had to do was wait, wait just like he did today. But when they say hello, be immediate to respond hello. This was the secret, and he was quite pleased with himself. Tomorrow he’d surely, make his first friend.

But tomorrow came and past, no animal played in his show. He was still friendless, and now hungrier too. Tomorrow he would hunt, he was neglecting his food. But still a certain sadness, hung over him like gloom.

He woke up and began searching for his food. He walked around lazily and not in the mood. But then he spotted, out in the open. The very same zebra, the female lion had been hunting! Surely this was it, another route to friendship. If he could kill the zebra, then surely she’d be indebted. She would have to come by, and then he could say hi! That was all that was needed, to complete his plan by the night.

So resolved once again, he sneaked around the safari grass. He wanted to make sure, he’d catch this old ass. Then he began nearing, he was almost ready to pounce. But in that hair of a moment, he felt a paw tap him once.

He turned around, and as he did, the zebra noticed and ran away. He was furious, but saw none other than the female lion in his face. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?” Our lion pronounced. “Can’t you see I was busy? You silly loose louse!” But the female lion was not amused, and responded in kind, “Oh so now you can talk! You billy blind… blind…” The female lion had no proper comeback, and took a moment to recover from her mental wounds.

Our lion, recovering from the sudden event, realized he’d failed to capture the zebra. He was feeling overwhelmed, none of his plans were panning out. He would never have a friend because he couldn’t say hi. No matter what he did, it’d always be ruined. He sat down and began to cry, he tried and tried, but it was no use this time. He would be friendless, he was sure this time.

He looked at her briefly, but decided not to say anything. She wouldn’t understand, he was less than a man. He began walking away, he would return home and sleep. That was all he wanted now, weary and beat.

The female lion walked alongside him, a worry in her eyes. What was bothering him, was all she had in mind. “I didn’t mean the words I said!” The female lion said quite kind. “But really what’s the purpose, in not speaking what’s on your mind?”

Our lion turned to look at her, was she really still here? “I cannot say what I want because I lack the pride.” The zebra he needed, to say hi to her, flashed in his mind.

“Well that’s silly my dear, really I’ve forgiven you here,” she said. “I really just don’t understand, what’s hurting you near.” She was being so patient, maybe it was worth it to try. He decided to tell her, to recount all that he’d tried. He even told her about the little bird he scared. When he was done, he looked in her eyes. Would she believe him? It was quite hard to find. After all, he felt silly, having ignored her that night.

But what she said was unexpected, she did not tell him he failed. She only said, “Listen, there’s only two of us kind. There’s only two lions that roar, and that’s all in this world. You can’t go saying hi, to everyone else.”

Now our lion was confused, what did she mean? Could he really not be friends, with anyone else? What was wrong with saying hi? To everyone else. Wasn’t that what this world was about? To spread cheer and good kind? But then she responded, “with no one else my dear, they wouldn’t understand. We lions are lions, and lions we’ll stay. Everyone else, they’ll always run away.”

This was true he thought, but then why was she here? Why did she choose, to not run away? He began to understand. That night he had stared. The simple realization, that he wasn’t scared. That they were two lions, sharing this world, and what else mattered, since it was just them two. He blurted out, “but then you mean to say, that I could have said hey! That on that nightly day, I need not have wait.”

She nodded her head, “Yes my darling, isn’t that great? We lions are lions, we share this land as mates.”

But he wasn’t sure, he wanted friends of all shapes. What good was it, if he could only say hi to her? Why was it the case, that he was destined to one fate? He stared in her eyes, he looked for a sign. Was this his first friend? They’d walked quite a bit.

And as if hearing the call, our God gave a sign. And our lovely female lion, gave a great big ol’ lick to her kind. It was a pact, a sign of friendship indeed. And what could our lion do, but return what he had received? He licked the female lion, and that was that sirs. Maybe he could accept, a friendship such as theirs. The two lions walked in tandem to their home. A small homely pond. Maybe this was nature’s way of saying, all would be found.

Red-Blue-Yellow: Part 1

Part 1:

Once upon a time, there was a Red bird who flew around the world and colored it. He would wake up before the sunrise and color roses or leaves shades of red since it was autumn. He did this everyday before sunrise and after he was done, he would rest on his nest on the tallest tree in the forest. The rest of the day, he would get food, spend time with friends, and do bird activities. He was happy.

One day after finishing his coloring for the day, he found two eggs inside a maple tree as he was flying back to his nest. He began worrying since it was almost winter and most of the birds had already migrated. He stayed that day near the eggs to see if anyone would come back to them. But little by little as the day waned, it was clear that no one would be arriving. He decided to take the eggs to his nest and care for them as long as he could before he had to migrate.

So, everyday after coloring the world, he would return to his nest and stay there. He spent less time with his friends, who were migrating anyways so it was fine, less time doing bird activities, and more time with his eggs. He’d never had the chance to be a father before, and even though these weren’t his eggs, he cared for them.

Just imagine his surprise when one day, he came back and one of the eggs had hatched! And breaking through from the surface was an already partially blue bird. That’s weird, the Red bird thought to himself, Do birds usually come out colored? But his thoughts quickly passed and he patted the Blue bird on the head gently. He was happy.

The days past quicker than usual. He continued coloring the world, but while doing so, he also looked around for food. Each day he would bring back as many small worms and seeds for the baby blue bird. He would always chirp happily as he ate most of the food, leaving little for Red himself. As each day passed, and it got closer to Winter, his search for food became more frantic. He became fearful. Slowly, he was becoming more tired and each day he began coloring less to make time to find food. He was getting dangerously hunger as well.

Finally, near the dawn of Winter, the first snowfall began, and Red resolved to move on. He brought Blue and the other egg to the inside of a maple tree where it would be warmer and made one last attempt to stockpile food for them inside the tree. He was exhausted and heart-broken, he would not be able to take them to warmer climates. And so at the break of day the next day, while Blue was still sleeping, he gave him a pat on the head and the other egg a pat as well. He stepped outside the Maple Tree and pecked at the wood outside it, sketching out: Please help, I will greatly repay anyone who helps these two chicks through the Winter. -Red. And with that and one last glimpse at Blue, who was growing quickly and beautifully colored Blue, he flew off to warmer pastures.

End Part 1


Run mountain boy run! From the snakes that slither slither, finding you wherever it is that you run! So run! Run!

The mountain boy makes it to the peak of a mountain, there is no escape. The clouds part and divine judgment shines upon him. He kneels and prays to the heavens above and the hells below. He speaks, “Such that I may be free!”

His prayer is answered. The snakes melt as they slither up his legs, turning into dust. The boy stands up, his demeanor tense. He kneels reverently on the ground again, he bows.

The next day he leaves his lonely cave and see the rays of heaven shining upon him again. He quickly looks around to survey for snakes, and upon seeing none, does not bow. He walks to the pond, gets naked, and bathes. He relaxes into the water and upon touching the slimy bottom of the pond, reflexively pulls out, thinking about snakes touching his feet as they did yesterday.

He stands for a moment to collect his bearings. He looks at the trees. He looks at the water. He looks at the sky, and there is that shining light. He hesitates, then kneels, and bows.

He walks into the water, but this time, it is warm. He scratches his head, not expecting warmth where the water was once cold. “Curse this water!” he says. And as soon as he does, the world turns to gray and the divine light shines again to judge.

The mountain boy runs as far as he can, in fear of this light. He reaches his cave. Panting and out of breath, he sits and notices that there are snakes! He runs.

Run mountain boy run! From the snakes that slither slither, finding you wherever it is that you run! So run! Run!

The mountain boy makes it to the peak of a mountain…

On the 49th time, the boy begins to think. His forehead creases, he concentrates. He wills himself… to remember. He remembers. First the snakes, then the praying, then the cave, no kneeling, water, kneeling, running, running….

I will stop running! The boy stands still in absolute confidence, as the snakes slither and proceed to bite him, to death.


He works at a tech startup. Nice job, good pay. He stares at emails flooding his inbox all day. On some level, he laments it. But on the other hand, he rejoices. He thinks to himself, “Better this than Mother’s chores.”

Back at home someone has to do chores. And who better than Sally, his little sister of four? Whereas he is bold and brave, she is timid and says, “Mom? I don’t like dishes.”

And what can Mother say? For children are meant to behave. Her heart is anxious, all she can think of is how hard she has worked. Oh, how I have toiled! Oh, how I have raised these two kids! And how little my eldest son of mine understands. How little he gives, I am here alone, how can life be so unjust?

But those words don’t come out of Mother’s mouth. No, how could she betray her weakness to her youngest daughter? “Do as your told.” That will suffice.

The next day our Sally, heart full of pain, goes to her Mother. Dishes again? She asks, “Why Mother? Do I need to do the dishes?” But Mother only shakes her head and points at the dishes again.

So day after day, month after month, Sally and Mother grow further apart. They know not how, or why, or when, only that for some reason, their hearts don’t feel well fed.

Sally is 18 now, college just past the short August Summer. There’s excitement in her heart, yet shame in it too. Her Mother will be alone soon. Sally and Mother eat dinner at the table. They don’t chit-chat or small-talk, just food and dishes after. Dishes… “Mom?” Sally looks up from her food, hesitates. Mother looks up, her face sullen, tired, the look of an old woman. “I’m heading to college soon.” A hopeful gaze, anything to ease the pain Mom!

No response. Some idle moving of food on the plate.

Sally thinks. What could have happened all these years? Why does Mother not answer? Is there something wrong with me? I don’t hate my Mom, but what can be done? All I can do are the dishes… dishes… “Who will do the dishes when I’m gone Mom?”

No response. Mother stands up.


College comes. Sally leaves, hopeful. A new life awaits, she forgets about the dishes. She meets boys. Some of them are nice. Some of them are mean. Four years pass. College ends. She marries one of those boys. Maybe not the hottest, maybe not the smartest, but he stuck around. They start a life together. They have a baby. He is healthy. Years pass. Four years. And on that fateful day she asks her four year old son, “Would you do the dishes?”

“Why Mom?”

Once Upon a Dream

Once upon a dream is how it began. A slight detour in my life of expectancy. There she was, a dream upon dream. The perfection of perfection before my eyes and what for me to do but try to grab it?

The days were long, the nights were light. How I craved to see you every night, and the discussions we had. What fire, what passion, what intellect. Impressed? Beyond, my dear, blown to pieces. Left unable to walk about the world in harmony any longer.

And so came the descent. The inevitable. My story and fate I’ve so kept. Perhaps what I knew all along and that which you could never understand. It was never meant to be. For either of us. It was all a hoax, a grand ploy of life to reach into our lives and upset the balance of things. Comfort you said, you were tired of being comfortable. How true. But what is wrong with the comforts you had? To toss away such gifts that we each had taken for granted? Oh but do I regret the time we spent? Of course not. But oh would I care to repeat this? I’m not so sure.

The half-life of love is forever they say. And here I stand at crossroads. How do I reconcile what I have lost? How do I move forward now that there is the end so close? Do I choose to continue loving? You? No. Or shall I sink into a dark deepness of void. I see a part of me chipping off, as with all ends. The gleaming part of love I held so dear to me. The part that so many had tried to tear off, to shatter to pieces. I held for so long. In wait. And thus it slipped from my hand and landed upon you. Then take it. For it is certainly yours. And leave me be, for I know this is no longer love. That this was never love. And this was just another lie I chose to believe.

When I stood in wait and trusted, I deceived myself. And had I listened to myself I perhaps would have kept the piece of me yet able to love. Had I left sooner. Had I the discipline to deny myself my worst pleasures. For perhaps it is not within a man to experience that what he wishes, but that which he needs. So let him wonder and wander about his minds of the possibilities and roads of his life. But let him not act upon these lest he wish to thrown away all that he needs. And in this let him accept his insanity. For no man can be content to not live that which he wishes to live. But for the sake of all, this is the only way for him to live at all in the world: in captive restraint, always upon a dream.