What does one make of stones?

Well? What does one make of them? Because at first one may look at a stone and think, well, tis’ just a stone, and surely because it is just a stone, that would leave it as such… a stone.

But then, another man or woman would pass by and say quite quickly, well, tis’ not just a stone! Is a weapon, look, and they would take the stone and feign an attack on the foolish man or woman who simply thought was just a stone.
And such an event of course would have a profound impact on a person, so much so that in the following days they would take to thinking tirelessly of this stone and of what it could be.

Perhaps a stone is a stone, but it also a weapon, and if also a weapon, then perhaps a toy! And this man or woman would then proceed to find the nearest child and engage in a game of catch with them, and given the rock was of the proper size, would end up having a jolly good time.

Amazed by the ingenuity of such a discovery, that a stone could be a stone, a weapon, and a toy, this man or woman would of course be compelled to go even further… perhaps a rock could also then be employed as a digging tool! And this same man or woman would of course take to using a larger sized rock to move the dirt upon the ground with relative success, enough again to be compelled into believing that this stone was now a stone, a weapon, and toy, and a shovel.
And the list would continue, each day a new discovery of the old… stone, weapon, toy, shovel, fire ring, jewelry, massage apparatus, weight, bowling ball, housing material, anchor, grinder, fake muscles, shade, and more… all from a stone?

And one day this man or woman would ask of his spouse or children, to please grab the nail clipper, for he or she desired to cut his or her nails, but of course nail clippers had not been invented yet, and no man or woman had a desire to cut their nails, and so the spouse and children would look around in bewilderment, unsure of what it was that the was that he or she desired…
And the first argument would erupt. For how could he or she have been wed to a spouse or have children so blind? So as to not see with clarity the nail clipper’s laying right there on the table… the stone.

And the spouse and children would sigh a sigh of relief. Of course, those were nail clippers… they certainly could be used to trim nails and though neither the spouse nor children did so, it was perfectly reasonable for someone to clip their nails, and so they would bring the stone… the nail clipper over.

And for the next few days everything was fine, and the family tolerated the man or woman’s use of nail clippers though they still saw the stone as a stone, but did not fuss when he or she asked for the nail clippers instead of the stone. That is, of course, until one day, this man or woman said to the family that he or she was going to kill themselves.

The family, shocked into terror, ran to this man or woman and held him or her dearly, so as to give reassurance, and of course ask for why he or she would ever want to do such a thing? And the man or woman would scratch his or her head, for how was it that he or she could have a family who is so naive as to believe that he or she was going to actually kill themselves? It was just an expression, for his or her nails were getting much too long and he or she desired to clip them again.

But this time the family would scratch their heads too, for what had come about this person, and what had led them to these sorts of… expressions? And upon further questioning the man or woman would explain his or her whole story, about the day he or she saw the stone and how another person came and used it as a weapon.

And how they began thinking of the stone, until, tired of thinking of the stone and began to think of life itself! And upon turning focus, it was like a grand discovery had been made, and he or she finally understood the foundation of life: for if the stone could be anything he or she wanted it to be, so it must follow that he or she could also be anything that he or she wanted to be.

Death was just a myth! For if I chose to be living, then I should be living. And if I chose to be dead, so I shall be dead. If I chose to be kind, so then I am kind. If I chose to be evil, so then I am evil. It matters not, so long as I have thought it!

The spouse and children scratched their heads once more, but owing to the certainty that he or she spoke to, they were inclined to believe him or her, and saw in this some sort of holy power. They too began to choose what was truthful to themselves and what was not (though they never bargained to test death, they still firmly believed that it was true that they could at once decide to be living or dead, and plus, who would ever choose death over living?), and it was in this fashion that man came to today.

A Reflection

I’m trying to find myself
and all I see are mirrors.

These mirrors stare back at me
but they are not me I swear!

I turn and turn and turn
but always this reflection –always this deception!

Curse my mother and bother and father and family!
Did they erect these mirrors?
And hide behind them laughing
giggling in my torment!

Then no longer will I turn!
I refuse to run myself in circles
–indeed, I’ll close my eyes
and let the darkness swallow me


If you have a kingdom, shape it with your mind.
And in this kingdom find, many fine fruits and good wine.

But folly! Look, that as your kingdom starts to rise
and the peasants rejoice in stupor at their lives

That evidently you attract
more beggars and sinuous crime
–thieves and spies love good wine
and fine fruits they pair so well with good wine!

So what does your kingdom do?
Tell me –what is it that your mind conceives?

Do you let the thieves and spies plunder towns?
–stealing treasures and weapons and knowledgeable lies?

Do you set up guards and law across the land?
But hear your peasants weep, their good cheer has left their hands.

Perhaps you set more spies after these spies
But then I see your coin-purse leaking gold.

I’ll tell you what I reckon
–kill them all and start over.

Set the guards and set the spies
let them have a good surprise!

Choose a day –wake with the clearest of minds.
Don your crown and sword and reverent might
–and clear the kingdom, that is mine.

First the guards –cut the arms so the water of your killing flows along!
Then the peasants –they crowd the market and a longing for space fills your heart!
Then the women –an ample rest should be had by all!
Then finally the spies –who’ve no where left to hide.

Rejoice! The spies are dead, rejoice!
The crooked knowledge stealer has been put to rest!

So there you stand with wicked glee
–having seen all the simple shades of blood and pain

But now, you’ve forgotten!
There’s still one more deed!

There stands a man –with hands and feet.
And would you have him standing there, so whole and complete?

Rather take my blade –and cut him down too!
I take it to mean, goodbye my kingdom of greed.

Here is a flower
Here is a power
Here is a love
And where is that flower?

Behold! His death –the man you created to erect this kingdom of your mind.
But now you are free, so start over with determinant glee.


Here I am! In all my greatness
Could you imagine –who or what I am?

The greatest man –he strides with efficacy, holds medallions in his hands.
The greatest man –relinquishes all desire, seeks to be content in himself.
The greatest man –creates castles and statues in his name.
The greatest man –leads peasants and lovers to a better day.
The greatest man –attracts all woman and men alike, who swoon at his gaze.
The greatest man –smiles aptly at the drop of a penny.
The greatest man –holds twenty tons of liquor in his belly.
The greatest man –runs into burning houses and saves all who need saving.
The greatest man –picks daisies and roses for his mother.
The greatest man –receives embraces and nods from his father.
The greatest man –loves his wife beyond all measure.
The greatest man –teaches all students to beware of folly.
The greatest man –finds beauty in all of man.
The greatest man –speaks the truth that heals burned hands.
The greatest man –provides for all, a shelter and a home.

But still the greatest man is no great man,
if when he trips, he doesn’t land!

You Don’t Say

God how I love that man!
Who is sitting right there on a wooden bench
looking up into the sky

I walk over to him, “Tell me! What have you learned oh wise one about the world? You charmer of spirits, you gazer of moons! Does the sun not rise eternally up for you?”

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A man sits in a prison cell by himself
holding a butter knife behind his back
he speaks to himself.

My mymoy- my!! AToday tod-ey! tody is the dayyyyy
“Quiet you fool! –You’re going let them hear. Don’t let them. Don’t let them”

A door from beyond the corridor creaks open
then slams shut –a beep sounds, it locks.
Footsteps march on the concrete, slowly
while a set of keys jingle with the footsteps.

The guard stops in front of the man’s cell
looks at him briefly up and down
then shakes his head.

The guard speaks, “You’ve been a good prisoner. So as per the law, I have to set you free today. Would you like to say anything before I open the gates?”

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My mind is not awake
I run away from shadows
these shadows call my name
and tell me that I’m little

I want to be tall
and with it comes power
but what is power but lessons
that humanity is left with no answer

I trip over a slab of concrete
and just to be sure of tripping
I walk backwards over it
and trip again

The destination is far
so I cannot see it

But just because I don’t see the stars
does it mean that they are not there?

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