Anyone see what’s wrong with the above?

Hint: “self-imposed” … “designed to create.”

How is your discipline self-imposed if you’re using a planner to do it? This isn’t a backlash on the company writing this, it’s a call to all the people (consumers, meaning, us) who read that and buy it.

Why do we buy it? Because we constantly want to believe we’re doing what we ought to while not doing it. The image of what we’re doing is more important than the actuality of it happening.

Example: Ever meet a friend who just wants to help with everything? He’s super helpful, right? No, he’s usually actually a pain in the ass and does things that everyone knows isn’t really helping but no one wants to say anything since he’s trying to help. He wants to be seen as helpful rather than actually be helpful which would entail a lot of different things.

So, if you’re buying a planner to “self-impose” discipline… well, who’s imposing the discipline? You? Or the planner?



If you took each man and women, and lined them up next to their graves
And asked them then, what would they say?

Well, for most they’ll probably take to denying and crying
Saying why have you brought me here, and when can we leave?

And you’ll see for most then, they’ll take to escaping
And denying to answer, anything of value.

Still others will look at their grave
And take to looking at it in dismay

They’ll take to thinking
But never enough to find an answer

So they too will eventually falter
and return to their ways.

Some men perhaps will take to crying
And to these I think, there’s more Truth left than not

For perhaps they see something that is worth crying
Or else they’ve thought just now, that time is what’s dying.

But we are mortal, weak humans whom roam this Earth
And we cannot bear to stand when we’d rather be hurt

Stagnant to the last, painful to every grasp
But still we will not move, else we start causing our own pain.

But what is pain to a man who is already dead?
And what is grief to a man who’s laid to rest?

Ample time has been allotted to each and every one.
And to figure out a way to spend is required of all living beings.

So stare at your grave to contemplate madness
But then look at your present and think not of what’s after

Just take the feeling that comes from the grave
And pour your heart into doing what’s opposite of that place.

Then maybe some men and women will have nothing to say
But will simply turn, and start walking away.

Eager Wants

Instead of crushing people’s desires, why not just help them obtain those desires?

For some reason we think it’s appropriate to stop people from their “eager wants”, rather than teaching them a path forward. With a path forward, it forces that person into a state in which they have an application to their eager wants, and given this application, if they are not inclined to take it, then it must be meant to say that the dreaming was more important than the actualization of that dream.

Is this not a better way to teach? For movement is always better than stagnation.


The first thing that came to mind is religion. My mind speaks to me again I suppose, and I apologize for the unwritten days that I spent thinking I could think through everything on my own. Perhaps now I understand that it is to have been given language… for it also means that without language, we should take to only having sensations… raw fear and energy that is unplayable, not containable into words.

For words have given the mind a lullaby, and somehow in its usage finds some sort of solace… solace in words, but I cannot think that this is the only way that I should be able to spend my time? That over the course of my whole life this is all I can think to place on the paper besides me? Besides… who would take to wanting to see these words? For they are quite meaningless, but then maybe that’s my burden… to take these honest thoughts and somehow condense it into form, into a shape that is then meaningful… is that it?

And to each of us our own purposes, to each of us own our own identities: our Self and kindred being who cries out at night to be heard and awakened in the dawning hours. Oh, but the horror! The pity and sense of un-fulfillment that this voice will never be heard, never be given to form, given to rise up and beaten to death before it was ever given a chance to breath.

Do I breath?


If every kid grew up wanting to make the world a better place, the world would be a better place.

But what’s odd to me is that when I listen to these kids, I often hear that they do say this.

How strange that one would desire such a noble goal, but then fail to carry it out.

But then, if I listen closer, I find a clue as to why that is the case.

I hear them spill their desires, their goals and dreams of love and unity, helping the suffering, mending old souls… and always a caveat at the end, “I just have to figure out how.”

But let’s say this child, then ages and comes to grow, still holding this desire, ever-lasting in their soul… but as time goes on and work and marriage take their toll, well, it’s easy to see how this goal may fall just shy of being reached and purposeful.

But then as old-age starts to grow, a bitter resentment inside will grow… and these same kids who are now parents, have left their dreams of helping fall too cold…

And one day their child will share with them a pure desire, a big dream that one day the world will be better, and this parent will scold and shout and say, “You are foolish to think this, as I used to be the same way.”

And so it seems that we’ve reached today, where dreams of helping have fallen to the wayside… replaced with corporation, promotions, and wages, a big dollar sign to help calm our failing patience.

God help the family and the child, for each and all the same desire, but time and work has spoiled away… the help that each may have gave.

Start today! Though you do not know the path, start today! Though you do not know the way. Stumble and fall! Trip along the frozen grass, but let not your focus slip away.

For we each have but one chance to live as we may, and perhaps we’ve all forgotten that once we all had noble desires.


SPEAK you devil! Who can’t see without facts and insights
Who dares to look
But never see, through human eyes
The wants and feelings,
The fears and sensations
That is trying to be communicated, not through words, but tone…

So redeem yourself! Cast away your longing for Truth and certainty, insight and facts!
Find within yourself the will to see the desperate desire of each human to communicate… but lacking the words can only give you a sense, a fragment, a feeling of Truth.