Anyone see what’s wrong with the above?

Hint: “self-imposed” … “designed to create.”

How is your discipline self-imposed if you’re using a planner to do it? This isn’t a backlash on the company writing this, it’s a call to all the people (consumers, meaning, us) who read that and buy it.

Why do we buy it? Because we constantly want to believe we’re doing what we ought to while not doing it. The image of what we’re doing is more important than the actuality of it happening.

Example: Ever meet a friend who just wants to help with everything? He’s super helpful, right? No, he’s usually actually a pain in the ass and does things that everyone knows isn’t really helping but no one wants to say anything since he’s trying to help. He wants to be seen as helpful rather than actually be helpful which would entail a lot of different things.

So, if you’re buying a planner to “self-impose” discipline… well, who’s imposing the discipline? You? Or the planner?


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