If you’ve been listening to music for more than 3 hours a day regularly since your teenage years…

So for me 13 to 22… 9 years.

Then it makes sense when you stop listening to music… you start to have a lot of random voices in your head.

The brain is habitual… and for 9 years, 3 hours a day (roughly) there was some singer in my head.

So now that I’ve stopped, it’s not necessarily music that’s in my brain (although sometimes it is), but it’s a voice.

Now it makes sense to me why people like music… it replaces your thoughts with someone else’s thoughts.

And those thoughts just happen to feel more energetic and lively and whatever…

But I’ve listened to lyrics, and some of those lyrics… are quite fucked up. But when you stop listening to music, you start to realize a lot of your own thoughts are fucked up too.

In other words, what’s the difference? A beat and melody? Oh… I’ll take my thoughts, they aren’t so bad.

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