Road to Heaven

They say the road to hell is covered in oil
That way when you reach the gates of heaven they can set it on fire.

They’ll burn your soul just before you open the gates,
and see inside for yourself what there was to taste.

And then you’ll be reborn on Earth
and left to suffering and pain in whichever form.

But it’s always the same form:

It’s the pain and suffering of seeing heaven’s gate
being led up each stair step by step
being told that though you were destined for hell
but Heaven hath given you a second chance

And what joy would have been given to this man or woman
and what relief would have overwhelmed their spirit
and what compassion would have arose
from perhaps even the most decrepit soul.

But justice has overwhelmed mercy
and you know how the story goes…

Upon touching those pearly gates
the road to heaven is set on fire, along with your soul.

So back to Earth you go
Perhaps never knowing this…

But every hour you feel
that somehow you’ve done something wrong, especially, to have deserved this.

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