Do Words Have Meaning?

I always thought,
through time and day
that one day words
would mean something.

But as I walked
around the streets
I began to feel
A kind remorse.

A man would say, “how was your day”?
And to the other, well “it’s great” they’d say.
So then I thought, that’s lovely
That most days people say, that life is great.

But when I left
and headed home
I laid down on
my bed and heard

that just upstairs a commotion came
that sounded like, two roommates saying
from one feminine voice, “My life is great.”
and from one masculine voice, “Go to hell.”

A door was slammed
And then I heard
A sad whimpering
And that was it.

So then I thought
how could it be
that life is great
but one must cry?

The next few days
as I walked the streets
I began to eye
The people

I heard their words
But I also looked at their face
And when I did
I saw this instead

“How was your day,”
A slight frown today.
And “It’s great,”
Looking up and away.

Wow I thought! This is really the key
Could it be, that people say
the opposite
Of what they intend?

So I went home and went upstairs to my neighbor’s door
As I needed to ask him what his face looked like yesterday when he slammed the door.

I gave it a knock and she opened the door.
Her face was poor, her eyes darting and puffy
And so I thought, I’ll cheer her up!
Gave her a great big smile and said “GO TO HELL!”

But I was surprised to find that she did not respond in smiles
And only slammed the door, and left it at that.

But then I thought, Ah, it makes sense to me now.
For on reflecting on what I heard yesterday
I remembered her crying after he said “GO TO HELL.”
But if today I was smiling, and yesterday he was frowning
Then perhaps words had no meaning at all,
And actions were the only thing, that mattered at all?


Pt. 2 incoming later…

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