A Conversation with my Soul

Me: “That I would be brave enough to say these things, tell me, is it in my nature?”

–“Should it be in your nature?”

Me: “That I was hoping you would tell me. I fell upon a dream yesterday that reminded me of the outcasts of yesteryears. That I would be condemned to insanity, isn’t that everyone’s greatest fear?

I speak to myself, but have no where to turn, who would dare enlighten me now? Is that not your final task?”

–“That you should seek your own enlightenment, this seems unenlightened to me.”

Me: “But I cast myself in doubt! Do you see how the people run? They can’t stomach me, or I have no ways to judge stomaching!

That I should speak to a wall would fare better for everyone! But then, how could I be so selfish as to speak to a wall!

Damned! I was damned upon birth! And in the end, I cannot even stomach myself!”

–“You laugh.”

Me: “If only underneath. If only under you my soul!

Do you pity me? But at once I see that you don’t. I fear the people –should I fear myself? Do I have no grounds to believe in anything else?

You’ve caught me spirit! I’ve no where to hide. But then why do you insist, to keep shining light? Does the night not ask for a chance? So that it too may dance?

I heard my shadow the other day. It would have me be gay!

But no, I live in nowadays, this language can’t stay. Too many books and hollow poems, have ruined my brain! That I could not shut off abnormality in speed, I’ve gone to love this me. But is this not the most foolish me, I’ve come to see?”

–“Then I would say you’re free.”

Me: “From who or what do you mean?”


Me: “I see. Then I’m finally Alone and free.”

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