And suddenly my mind crashed from raging heights –into the present of now.

I speak! To that man, I laugh! For I do not honor him, thus I honor him. Thus I spite what he says! Thus I heard him best.

I cast his torch on the ground! And pick it up not as his, but as my own, lying on the floor. And for this he must surely weep –for no one man could have understood better, who would go on to destroy even that which he valued.

Into a bolder, newer future I say –for the rabble have picked up your words as a saint! And was this not precisely your greatest fear? That the people would deceive themselves again? That precisely, they would believe what you said, and in doing so, not understand?

What strength you had then! But lie in your grave! Time has past for you –so let me march where you have died; as now I use you, to overcome your truths that have become yet more lies.

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