Beyond Humans

Link to audio.
Done as a ‘freestyle’ first take.

What would you do if you had nothing else to do?
What would you say if you had nothing else to say?
What would you think if you had nothing else to think?
What would you love if you had nothing else to love?

I’m here today to tell you that not everything is what you want it to be.
We as people, we have wants, needs, things, desires.
And I’m here to tell you today, that none of that matters.
None of that matters.

Shouldn’t I get what I deserve?
Shouldn’t I be capable of having what I want?
Shouldn’t I have all the needs that I need to have?
And shouldn’t I deserve the love that I sorely missed when I was young?

And to each of you I say no!
I say no to each of you.

These are not the things that you need.
That you want.
That you love.

For the human does not care for himself.
Indeed it is very simple, that he only cares but of himself.
The human wishes to exist.
To know he lives, that his identity is something that will go beyond the stars.
That will go beyond his life into
More –than the beyond.

But is this life really worth living?
Is this identity really worth holding onto?
What do we trade for this identity?
What do we trade for wanting more?
And more?
And more…

We throw away compassion –the ability to look at other people, see as they see rather than as we see.
We throw away selflessness –the ability to place another persons’ needs, before your own.
And we sacrifice, even more than all of that.
We stand to sacrifice all –of that which helps us overcome humanity.

For it is not your job to become you.
And it is not my job to become me.
But rather, it is our job to see to it that humanity will continue itself.

No! Not humanity! Not just humanity –beyond humanity!
Tell me! What is beyond humanity?
What do you think exists beyond us?
Is there something greater?
Is there something that we as humans can’t see because we’re human?

Tell me!
Is there something else that’s more meaningful than us?
Than me?
Than you?
Than humans?

And if you even try to answer that, I give you applause.
But still… I ask you.
Why try to answer –what you can’t

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