If you have a kingdom, shape it with your mind.
And in this kingdom find, many fine fruits and good wine.

But folly! Look, that as your kingdom starts to rise
and the peasants rejoice in stupor at their lives

That evidently you attract
more beggars and sinuous crime
–thieves and spies love good wine
and fine fruits they pair so well with good wine!

So what does your kingdom do?
Tell me –what is it that your mind conceives?

Do you let the thieves and spies plunder towns?
–stealing treasures and weapons and knowledgeable lies?

Do you set up guards and law across the land?
But hear your peasants weep, their good cheer has left their hands.

Perhaps you set more spies after these spies
But then I see your coin-purse leaking gold.

I’ll tell you what I reckon
–kill them all and start over.

Set the guards and set the spies
let them have a good surprise!

Choose a day –wake with the clearest of minds.
Don your crown and sword and reverent might
–and clear the kingdom, that is mine.

First the guards –cut the arms so the water of your killing flows along!
Then the peasants –they crowd the market and a longing for space fills your heart!
Then the women –an ample rest should be had by all!
Then finally the spies –who’ve no where left to hide.

Rejoice! The spies are dead, rejoice!
The crooked knowledge stealer has been put to rest!

So there you stand with wicked glee
–having seen all the simple shades of blood and pain

But now, you’ve forgotten!
There’s still one more deed!

There stands a man –with hands and feet.
And would you have him standing there, so whole and complete?

Rather take my blade –and cut him down too!
I take it to mean, goodbye my kingdom of greed.

Here is a flower
Here is a power
Here is a love
And where is that flower?

Behold! His death –the man you created to erect this kingdom of your mind.
But now you are free, so start over with determinant glee.

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