You Don’t Say

God how I love that man!
Who is sitting right there on a wooden bench
looking up into the sky

I walk over to him, “Tell me! What have you learned oh wise one about the world? You charmer of spirits, you gazer of moons! Does the sun not rise eternally up for you?”

He looks at me, gets up from his seat, and leaves.
I sit down on the bench.
I look up into the sky
contemplating about and reflecting
on his leaving me.

Did he not have the sweetest eyes?
Did he not show to me his philosophical side?
Ah! But then why, does he leave –am I asinine?
Well then!

And upon that moment
a different man strolls up to me as I sit and think.
What is that look he is giving me?
Would he disturb my peace with such nonchalance?

He speaks, “Tell me –oh wise one who looks upon the sky! What is it that you have learned? About this simple life of mine? Of us humans! Do beckon to tell.”

He sits down beside me
but as he does
I feel a nasty repugnance well up inside me
and promptly stand up and leave.

“What an awkward fellow indeed! Walking up to me as I contemplated my deeds.
Can he not see that a man wishes, for a little peace?” I say.

I walk along the park and look out over the pond.
Its reflection is pure, the surface unscathed.
Is this what it feels like to be perfectly still?
Clear as night! Clear as day! Clear as the surface of a pond on a summer day!

I sit down by the edge of the pond
and tap the surface so that it breaks.
How lovely! What would I pay to spend all day here!

A woman walks past me
peers behind her shoulder and resigns to keep walking.
The pond continues to ripple
even though there’s nothing now that disturbs it.

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