A man sits in a prison cell by himself
holding a butter knife behind his back
he speaks to himself.

My mymoy- my!! AToday tod-ey! tody is the dayyyyy
“Quiet you fool! –You’re going let them hear. Don’t let them. Don’t let them”

A door from beyond the corridor creaks open
then slams shut –a beep sounds, it locks.
Footsteps march on the concrete, slowly
while a set of keys jingle with the footsteps.

The guard stops in front of the man’s cell
looks at him briefly up and down
then shakes his head.

The guard speaks, “You’ve been a good prisoner. So as per the law, I have to set you free today. Would you like to say anything before I open the gates?”

STABBY! Come on –on come on go do! IT!
“Thank you sir.”

The guard nods his head and unlocks the cell gate
the other prisoners moan and cackle out insults
the man slowly exits the cell… approaches the guard.

The man plunges the butter knife straight into the guard’s shoulder
who keels over in surprise
a swift kick lands on the guard’s back
and his body propels his face into the concrete.


The other prisoners roar and ask to be set free
the man grabs the keychain from the barely alive guard and begins
running down the corridor.

He reaches the code-locked door and looks at it
“I have the keys right here!”

The man looks frantically around
turns back and runs the other way
towards his cell again.

The prisoners’ commotion alerts another guard
who proceeds to unlock the code-locked door,
making his way down the corridor slowly.

The man reaches his cell and goes back in briefly
kneels on the floor and then moves over to the guard
who’s head is cracked
and pulls out the butter knife from his shoulder.

He runs down a new corridor
taking twists and turns
he sees the other prisoners

Lucky lucky lucky! Free free free!
“Yes! We are not them! We are –”

The man reaches a wooden door
there is no lock
just a golden knob
he reaches out for it
places his hand
turns the knob.

NO nononononono, scary danger scary beyond!
The man holds his breath
holds his movements
listens in on the door.

The guard behind him has found the body of the dead guard
his voice fills the corridors, “Help! Medical attention needed for George!”
His footsteps begin –closing in on the man.

okeyOkay! I mistake.
The man nods, “You are certainly acting up today! And look at how well I’ve treated you!”
He licks the drying blood off the butter knife
and pushes the door open then closes it.

The room is silent –the noise of the prisoners no longer echoing,
the man takes a moment to examine his surroundings.

A spiraling staircase reveals itself
its wooden steps extending
up and up just beyond the corner.

Up up upp up!!
The man walks over and puts one foot on the first step which creaks
Down down down dn!
He steps back down on the concrete
and looks up.

Footsteps begin moving down the steps
Footsteps! Hear! Hear!
The man jumps back in fright, “AGH!”
The footsteps stop.

The guard speaks from the steps, “George? Shouldn’t you be escorting the prisoner out instead of trying to scare me?”
The footsteps continue, pounding down the steps in quick succession.

The man hides behind the corner of the spiral staircase
The man plunges the butter knife into the shoulder of the guard
as he rounds the corner.

The guard, speechless, drops and faints of pain and shock.
The golden door knob behind the man begins to turn.

Free! HUha!!!
The man scampers up the stairs like a hyena
using his arms and legs to scale the staircase
“Yes! We are finally free!”

The other guard opens the door
hears the footsteps going up the staircase
and sees Matthew lying with the butter knife in his shoulder.
The other guard faints.

The man reaches the top of the staircase
which reveals
another wooden door, this time the knob is silver
and has a keyhole.

Key!! Don’t you wonder? Wonder! Last and final me —
The man nods and looks at the keychain he’s holding
he examines the keys
all sorts of lengths and shapes
each linked to a cell in this prison.

He jingles the keys until a small silver key reveals itself.
He takes that one off the ring
and switches it to his bloody hand which had previously held the butter knife.

He drops the keychain
He extends the key towards the door knob
He turns the key with the door knob

The door slowly opens of its own weight
revealing an orphan sleeping on a couch
sucking his thumb
making no noise
wearing rags about him!

The man walks up close to the orphan
examines him
The man pokes the orphan

The orphan does not move
his sleeping
his sucking
his darkness
continues onwards.

The man walks to a window
the view from the top of the prison tower
extends outwards into all directions
the sun is setting
and there is a silence about it all.

The man walks around the tower windows
he looks out in search for something.

“My family.”
He spots a small patch of land with a burnt down house on it
its roof completely collapsed
its interior crumbled
its walls dark of ash,

The man opens one of the tower windows and looks beyond the edge
the drop stares at him
the concrete stares at him.

The orphan wakes up with a startle
and watches
as the man smiles, salutes him, and lets his body fall
To Freedom.

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