One day my mom came back to me in tears
I beckoned to ask what had happened
she replied that as she walked down the street, a man had lied to her
her being in need of rest and it being a hot day
aptly accepted to spend some time in the shade of this man’s boat.

Together they cruised the waters of unknown splendor
and the wind was refreshing indeed
until finally it seemed, that it was time to leave
my mother left the boat and headed home
and upon opening the door began weeping for lack of words.

I looked at her in remorse
but found that I knew what she needed in due course!
She had failed to obtain the number of this gallant man
and so I set off to my burden to find him.

I asked her what he had looked like
and where he had been located
she described the boat in great detail
and had I not know my mother’s propensity to exaggerate, I would have thought it a mighty war ship!

Armed with information, I set off to work.
I typed furiously on my computer
I searched everywhere on the internet
I scoured every corner of information I could find
and then I saw him –a picture so clear that I could not unsee it
a very gallant man indeed
And living just down the street!

I ran out the door and down the street
I walked briskly and felt my heart pounding
and with that I began pounding his door with my fist
–a light tap tap taptap tap
I waited a few moments
and just like that the man emerged from beyond the door.

Oh! And how removed was I in lacking decent form
he beckoned my name in the finest of silk accents
he flourished himself with the grace of a thousand fine horses
he offered me wines and candies from all across the world
and then he sent me packing
and as soon as I reached my mother’s door
I remembered whence I had left for!

At once seeing his mockery
I ran over to his door and tapped the same tap that I had tapped before
–a good tap tap taptap tap and once more so he’d know who had come.

I waited a second
I waited a minute
I waited two minutes!
And then he emerged.

Mister! –I said.
Do not think I’ve forgotten what I came for!
And upon my words, it was like he already knew
He smiled, waved his hand
And just like that –a glass of lemonade appeared from his butler’s hand.

How I drank that lemonade as I walked home to my mother’s land!
And upon finishing the glass
and reaching my mother’s door
I once again felt
an uncanny sore.

I jumped up! –ran tripley as fast back to the man’s door!
And with a tap taptap tap tap tap taptaptap I rattled the house that belonged to that very door!

Once more he arrived
grinned he did once more
and I stared into his eyes
and demanded my due recourse!

But what do you mean? –He said with a frown.
But I mean that which you owe to my mother! –I said to his damned frown.
Oh your mother! –He continued his lie.
Yes my mother! –I couldn’t take a lie!

And for what seemed like years
we stood at that door
until he sighed –a sigh I’d never heard sighed before!
And just like that he beckoned for me to come in
to sit down and recount with him
the days he’d been married to this woman.

He went on and on
adding details here and there
but mostly sticking to the facts
–gone was the lustre from his voice
replaced with a more mournful melody
yet I could not have foreseen why.

Finally he finished his tale
and looked at me as if expecting a tell
but dumbfounded I was
and truly had nothing to tell.

Who was this woman he spoke of?
It sounded much like my mother
but I reckoned my mother was not unreasonable.

What was this sadness he spoke of?
It sounded much like my mother
but I reckoned my mother was not sad.

Your mother’s a liar –he said at last.
No, you’re a liar! –I said.

And then mother walked in and said:
No, we’re all liars.

Then we were all silent.
And so it goes.

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