Liebster Award Nomination

Liebster Award.png
An award? Nonsense!
I believe not in awards
only the stark confines of The Cage!
of typing! typing! typing!

But Ana
thank you for the nomination.

She’s new to blogging so give her a visit –humble beginnings always tie well to future success.
Without further ado –her questions:

P.S. Click “awards” link for info on what this is about.

Why did you start blogging? What inspired you?
On a summer day
in a lonely place
my room was filled with
a question that states —Is there a purpose in life?
And my answer states
paradoxically so
that yes there is
and no there isn’t
but stop to think and you’ll miss life completely
but fail to think and you’ll be blind completely
For thought alone leads to nothing.
And action alone leads to failure.
Think and Do –that’s the way.

What is your blog about? Why that topic?
The blog is about me
The blog is about you
The blog is about things
that we choose not to see.

But what is that thing?
That we close our eyes in the midst of time?
Except that which is life –holding boldly its fire.

Fire in life –a heat that radiates
so the poet is forced to dance
and avoid the burns.

Many would seek to quench the fire
–but then we would be without light
so learn to dance we must
for the fire burns for us.

What do you do for a living?
I work at a tech startup!

Who inspires you in your day to day life?
The tree that bends as the wind pushes it to and fro
The wind that blows through and around mountains and land
The mountains that grow up from out under the sea
The sea that flows smoothly across surface of the world
The world that holds –all of these things
And the people in it,
that all have something to teach.

Are you a procrastinator like I am? What do you do to fight it?
I procrastinate.
Writing is 20% of the work
Editing is 30% of the work
Reading is 50% of the work
Spend time appropriately in what is important.
Procrastinate on the rest.

Have you ever traveled? Where to?
China, Canada, and a few different states in the US!

What does language and words mean to you?
Language/words is communication.
Communication is expression –of an idea.
An idea is an idea is an idea is an idea.
To communicate ideas clearly within the perception of another person is the goal.
In other words –language is imperfect, but better writing helps to overcome its imperfection.
Example: Love can mean many things. Better writing will ensure the reader’s perception of “love” is similar to what the writer is attempting to communicate about “love”.

What little things make you happy or smile?
A spider attacks a caterpillar on a corner of concrete
the caterpillar struggles against the webs
The caterpillar cannot attack back
he only moves at the pace that he can.

The spider continuously bites
I watch in horror
but do not intervene.

The caterpillar moves upwards
its made its way out of the web
but the attacks continue
The caterpillar slows to a halt, it struggles to move.

After several minutes
the caterpillar reaches the top of the concrete corner
the spider grapples the caterpillar once more
but its ferocity drains –in failure it laments.

Thus the spider retreats
and thus the caterpillar senses his victory —
extends his torso upwards
waving it around as if he were an electric pole
a shout –of satisfaction!

Finish theses sentences:

If money didn’t mean a thing I would… say that something new now must mean a thing. So onwards for humanity, to discover that which is valuable.

The best thing that happened to me was when… I needed nothing to happen to me. That way, I could let what is happening to me happen.

If I had the power I would… throw it away and start over. For power that is gained without its just efforts corrupts.

My Nominations:
Huggable Words
Non-Euclidean Sofa
A Passers By
Four Lines A Day
Pensive Chimes

What is your favorite word? Why?

Invent a new word, what does it describe?

What is the first thing you’d want to tell someone about yourself?

What is the closest to last thing you’d want to tell someone about yourself?

Why do you write what you write?

What if you couldn’t write? How would you choose to communicate?

Tell me a lie.

Tell me a truth.

Tell me something that makes you not you.

What’s a question you would ask yourself?

Answer that question.


4 thoughts on “Liebster Award Nomination

  1. Oh wow! Your answers blew my mind! It was good. Great. I read them all twice. I loved it!

    I write poetry sometimes
    Read it all the time
    And when it’s from willgu29
    I just know it’ll just blow my mind. 🙌😂💖

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