The gift of life
has its price

It comes with ribbons
that cut like knives

so unwrap it slowly
but hurry up too

the gift of life
was given to you.

For the wicked and spent
life seems to drag forever

And so for much of my life
I held my gift closely

I feared that maybe
I’d find spiders and monsters

but the wicked and spent
have told me lies.

It was only later I opened my gift
and to my surprise it was quite nice

There was nothing fearsome in there
only a shriveled heart

but alas I realized
the course of my life

The heart that was there
I did not take care

And left on its own
it was now scarcely here.

The gift of life
I feared it

But its price
I had already paid

was it worth it?
I hope —

that I’d spent it well
while it was still okay.

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