I had the habit of waking up at three.
Sometimes the moon and stars would greet me, blue as can be.
Sometimes the sun and clouds would greet me, black as can be.

My lover never really knew.
She slept alone in California without a clue.
She always woke up normally at two.
She was always in bed by two.

We messaged each other every morning.
Just around seven of one.
Just her message: how are you?
Just my message: how are you?

I fell in love and felt a bruise.
I wanted to see her twinkling eyes.
I figured, she did too.

She flew all the way on a boat to California.
And when I saw her I fell in love a third time.
And when she saw me I felt she loved me too.
And when we saw each other it was like a finished race.

The crowd was cheering
the instruments playing
the wait was over
my dreams were here.

And then we stared at each other until one.
It was true, now what was there to do?
I was a virgin you see, love-making was not a thing.
She was a virgin I’m sure, that made it doubly worse.

I only wanted to see her and now I had.
What a wondrous time, for that I’m glad.
Goodbye my love.
Goodbye my lover.

I got on my plane and sailed back to California.

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