Red-Blue-Yellow: Part 1

Part 1:

Once upon a time, there was a Red bird who flew around the world and colored it. He would wake up before the sunrise and color roses or leaves shades of red since it was autumn. He did this everyday before sunrise and after he was done, he would rest on his nest on the tallest tree in the forest. The rest of the day, he would get food, spend time with friends, and do bird activities. He was happy.

One day after finishing his coloring for the day, he found two eggs inside a maple tree as he was flying back to his nest. He began worrying since it was almost winter and most of the birds had already migrated. He stayed that day near the eggs to see if anyone would come back to them. But little by little as the day waned, it was clear that no one would be arriving. He decided to take the eggs to his nest and care for them as long as he could before he had to migrate.

So, everyday after coloring the world, he would return to his nest and stay there. He spent less time with his friends, who were migrating anyways so it was fine, less time doing bird activities, and more time with his eggs. He’d never had the chance to be a father before, and even though these weren’t his eggs, he cared for them.

Just imagine his surprise when one day, he came back and one of the eggs had hatched! And breaking through from the surface was an already partially blue bird. That’s weird, the Red bird thought to himself, Do birds usually come out colored? But his thoughts quickly passed and he patted the Blue bird on the head gently. He was happy.

The days past quicker than usual. He continued coloring the world, but while doing so, he also looked around for food. Each day he would bring back as many small worms and seeds for the baby blue bird. He would always chirp happily as he ate most of the food, leaving little for Red himself. As each day passed, and it got closer to Winter, his search for food became more frantic. He became fearful. Slowly, he was becoming more tired and each day he began coloring less to make time to find food. He was getting dangerously hunger as well.

Finally, near the dawn of Winter, the first snowfall began, and Red resolved to move on. He brought Blue and the other egg to the inside of a maple tree where it would be warmer and made one last attempt to stockpile food for them inside the tree. He was exhausted and heart-broken, he would not be able to take them to warmer climates. And so at the break of day the next day, while Blue was still sleeping, he gave him a pat on the head and the other egg a pat as well. He stepped outside the Maple Tree and pecked at the wood outside it, sketching out: Please help, I will greatly repay anyone who helps these two chicks through the Winter. -Red. And with that and one last glimpse at Blue, who was growing quickly and beautifully colored Blue, he flew off to warmer pastures.

End Part 1

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