I don’t wish to be happy!

She shouted to the world,
and only tomorrow,
does an understanding emerge.

She weeps for defiance and love,
and it’s this that troubles her,
nothing above.

She knows where she will end,
in heaven and then.

But it brings no comfort,
for what ails her today.

There remains a discord in her appearance,
an uncanniness in the eyes,
the sight of a beast,
captured inside.

There she is forced to stay,
civil and nice,
but let it out slowly,
and you’ll see what’s left behind.

In the cage lies a golden chain,
wrapped in a napkin to hide,
and to the one who next enters this cage,
for them to keep for all of time.

It is insanity,
wrapped up inside,
but for each their own she says,
and for you to decide.

She’ll never return,
she’d rather not lie.

She’d rather be unhappy,
than live a life of lies.

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