This Too Shouldn’t Pass

I sat in a room covered in walls

and feeling entrapped, I felt safe to the sounds of activity and games across those walls

I stared peacefully at the corner of my room, but since nothing occupied the space except me I didn’t know which corner I had chosen to look at in accordance with these walls

I was a satiated man.

Philosophy Poem

I stumbled one day upon a man staring vacantly up at the sky
And he looked so lonely, I thought, so join him I might.
So there I stood staring hopefully up at the sky,
and right beside me, the man, staring vacantly up at the sky.

It wasn’t long before another person passed us,
and seeing our expressions, glanced briefly up, and continued walking.
And so this continued, for each person that passed, and pass they did the man and I staring up at the sky.

There we stood for some time, and in our time, we resigned to spend it staring up at the sky,
So it was in my honest surprise, when no one was nearby, that briefly he looked at me and
smiled a smile that caused me to smile and continue looking hopefully up at the sky.

And though I could have stayed and continued as I did
After a few more moments, I resigned to leave, and walked away from the man staring so adamantly into the sky.
I walked and walked, found myself at peace
And to this day I think, of what I perhaps did see.
The man, the sky, and something peculiar indeed,
the vacancy of all the men who didn’t see
the beauty of everyday things.