Ghosts Again!

What dreams do you have what life paths shall you take
it matters not when nature has a say
it curses and brings to conclusion
all good things that surely fade
woe is the man to live

we attach ourselves,
we forget ourselves,
we discourse in heavenly ways

What is this nonsense?
Where is the voice that brings order?
When does it commence and when does it say
Goodbye goodbye…
Oh to love we say
But unbeknownst to us, we stay to nature.
And what nature dictates,
We stand no chance.


What I would give to be
told it was all in my mind.
That none of this pain was real
and that I was simply fooling myself
Day in,
Day out.

Yet when I was told exactly this,
I still was not comforted,
whereas I thought I’d be healed,
I only found myself more deeply agitated

why must all decisions be rendered useless
by the undeniable tradeoffs of each?
we trip and fall and dance around in hopes
In delirious hope of reaching some expected outcome,
of success, of love,
only to find much too soon
the limits of our decisions.