Stars, always stars passing above the mind
each glint, each shine casting its hopes and dreams
upon my barren world.

I wanted them all, so I would look up often
but nothing would change
and my world remained barren.

So one day when the stars came out
I took one last glimpse:

I began to raise my arm
to wave goodbye
but I realized they would not be
missing me.

So I simply turned my back
and walked away and in my
mind I whispered

Too Late

How we spend our time
in endless ways
never questioning our inevitable end.
Past memories fade in expecting ways
last forever in a strange repeat of insignificant

We walk down a lonely shore
to contemplate madness.
Raw insanity in the face of the sea.
Waves continually crash upon objects, but
never realize its actions.

Why have we been captured by consciousness.
Strangely we find peace in stark motion.
We continue, act so as to stop the hemorrhage
of thought,
Is it pessimistic or optimistic to think futility?
what labels have been left undiscovered
to bring
yet more
consciousness into being?
I run.

mismatch and delay

there are monsters in my bed,
lost movies hold dear.

understanding nothing new,
June delight takes May flight.

life owes no one head,
like a puzzle,
begs us to move on,
but hold on we must.
The heart knows no time
finds infinity lacking.

Honesty rules wherever:
fate is a bargain
just to hope that something

For humanity warrants with our arrest.