Stop he said.
How can you live like that?

What happened to enjoying the moment?
To laughing over small and large matters,
To becoming drunk in stupor,
letting go of all responsibility?

What happened to embracing life?
And what has come to change your will?
To working endless hours,
To throwing it all away in pursuit of career.

Don’t you know we’ll be dying?
And to whom do you wish to show your possessions,
When all that’s around you is darkness?


Running around the sunken hills
Running towards a brighter day

Swimming about the ocean blue
Swimming along a crystal night

Crawling to the end of time
Crawling for a hopeful try

Walking, around and about, to a hopeful future.
Walking, towards and along, the saint-less row.
Walking, along and for, a meaningful daze.
Walking, about and to, our fated days.

The Pond

Sorrowing thoughts
cast against the mind
skipping across the echoes
of memories lodged.
Plop. The activity fades
and ripples are made
across the cool and distinct
stretch of our lonely lives.

But with skill and precision
there are a few that skip
and skip
that seem to stay a float
for much longer than others
and so we are delighted,
if not deceived
Believing that perhaps
this will soar forever.
Until Plop.
An ending for all who dream of the endless. And find further in sorrow, a memory lodged.


Undefeated we move on in solace,
But left to our own thoughts
we lose the last of our past.

Over and over we fight and claw,
bearing the fruit of our death
the finality of life

There we were in moving spectacles,
this and that and kisses left my lips
unbearable words that lie only to myself
I hope again to repeat.

Hold on still to the end of time
move about the day of another time
in the end there still is time
and on my death I find that time.