The Days, They’re Sweet

So many flowers exist,
And of all the types,
There exist similarities,
And differences,
All sorts of variations:
All leading separate lives.

We too exhibit this variation in our lives,
We co-exist,
Yet all have simple, subtle variations,
We all have our types,
And we all have our differences
And similarities.

And what wonderful similarities,
All leading human lives,
And caring about our differences
In ice-cream taste, all while knowing we surely exist
To share our dreams and fears of all types,
And feel comforted by others who share in our variations.

Yet sometimes we may not understand others variations,
Though we have our similarities,
There oftentimes exist the one peculiar and inexplicable types,
Who choose to live their separate lives,
And undermine our knowledge of how they exist
How could we ever understand their differences?

But there must be differences,
In laugh and jest, in demeanor and strife, of life and variations
It is here along the continuum that we exist
In tandem with our similarities
There remain options and freedom that lead to successful lives
No matter our types.

So make peace with all types.
Alongside our differences,
In how we choose our lives,
And how we give way to all variations.
We all find similarities
By saying, “I exist.”

Flowers exist in all variations,
And only through their differences do we enjoy their similarities,
With all types of life, we surely exist.

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