Saying Goodbye

With the rise of social media and ways of staying in touch with people we have lost one of our most meaningful expressions and actions in life: saying goodbye. Gone are the days that good relationships meet an end because of physical distance or diverting life paths. Instead, with Facebook, all we can say is, we’ll keep in touch, or with Skype, I’ll see you later. But what happens instead is not keeping in touch, but rather holding onto the remnants and memories of a relationships that should have ended. Nowadays, relationships only end on disagreements, arguments, breakups, and tragedy. Alternatively, there is the slow fade out, of less and less contact, until each person has decided to no longer spend the time and effort to stay in contact. Let’s not hold onto what should end if we are unwilling to spend the time to stayed connected. Let’s find meaning in the means of a necessary end. Let’s connect and cherish our time with the others around us, until we must ultimately say: goodbye.

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