Open Letters

Standing upon the brink of death
At long last our eyes met
And what I found was simply the reflection of a long lost friend
Eyes tender,
A gentle touch

Not at all the sight I had imagined and pictured from a far Unbearable
And yet despite the moments change I found myself pacing
And recalling the moment insanities of my youthful days

I enjoyed doing such and that
Loving yet only finding love withheld
Finding comfort in my baseless insanity
And seeing it met only by the calmer insanity of knowing
I enjoyed doing as I did, if only later I could say I did.
And of course thoughts appear in such a way
Never finding due course to action
And solitude no longer accepts itself under times of redemption

Quickly, I hear a voice of reason A reply, a call
A friend,
It all ends, so do as you will and think as you may, but know that if you do, Change will never arrive,
So let fate take hold and guide you still
And realize now, all too late, what’s left your will.

Questions, Comments, Suggestions...

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