Never Today

Scattered love does find its place,
in hearts of many,
a just disgrace.

But look no further,
for a time has come,
where you and I,
can meet in blissful touch.

And though I know of martial pasts,
and am led to question the passing days,
look no further I beg and ask,
for heaven’s wait has come to pass.

Share with me this eager tranquility,
of future days and months to last,
a realization of time that speaks not so fast,
of another day we owed to pass.

We vowed our ways and let it run,
an open cause, another trust,
it matters not how ends are met,
where our futures break,
and fires set.

I never asked to receive a debt,
and all I asked was surely met,
so in my heart I stand to say,
regardless of whom you choose,
that love was there on that poiseless day.

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