Sometimes You Shine

There are times where you fail,
there are times where you succeed,
and both of them are great.
But once in a while,
there will be something more than great,
something on the proportion of awesome.

And when it does happen,
you’ll realize that it wasn’t you alone that carried you through your successes and failures,
but the people who stayed around throughout the neutral stages of your life.
Don’t look back.


With words I find so lacking,
to write the vows of the heart and mind.
A higher task and undertaking.

To love is hard,
and its not often someone is able to impact our lives so much,
so quickly,
and I owe the world to that person.

To have reminded me of that innocence of days past,
To have reminded me to trust enough to love,
And to trust to the ends of the world that when things go bad,
the people that matter will be there.

And to this I cry not of sadness,
But for the pure chance I had been given this chance,
a stumble upon my life.

And with a heavy heart I do hope to continue,
and let it be that I remember of today,
of events past,
and aim for the right decision,
rather than merely avoiding the wrong.

Passing By

I chanced upon a girl lost,
and seeing her situation I called out to her.
And although I myself was lost, I found comfort in her.
She told me of the paths she had taken,
quite different from my own,
and I told her of mine.

We exchanged banter until the sun dawned and I found myself asleep.
The next morning I woke to a peaceful reservoir of chirping birds and found the girl had left.
I would never see her again,
but I had enjoyed meeting her and I was glad to know she was on her way.
As for me, I was still lost.
But to know I had shared in a reality of moments past with another,
this was enough for me.


A beautiful tragedy caught my eye as I gazed out the door,
I saw the screams and torment,
the chaos that ensued,
the fallout,
the pain.

And I watched in awe at the spectacle,
the raw energy of the whole mess,
the realness of the situation,
and I realized that’s what I wanted.

So I left the comforts of my home for a chance at the perfect storm,
And what a tale I would have should I survive.

Never Today

Scattered love does find its place,
in hearts of many,
a just disgrace.

But look no further,
for a time has come,
where you and I,
can meet in blissful touch.

And though I know of martial pasts,
and am led to question the passing days,
look no further I beg and ask,
for heaven’s wait has come to pass.

Share with me this eager tranquility,
of future days and months to last,
a realization of time that speaks not so fast,
of another day we owed to pass.

We vowed our ways and let it run,
an open cause, another trust,
it matters not how ends are met,
where our futures break,
and fires set.

I never asked to receive a debt,
and all I asked was surely met,
so in my heart I stand to say,
regardless of whom you choose,
that love was there on that poiseless day.

A Sense of Closure

Walking along this dainty path,
with whom but myself.
A tiresome walk I find,
when no signs guide the lost.

So I sit down upon the gravel,
with no path in mind,
and think of a future day,
where skies are blue.

I thought of peace,
of love,
sweeping and moving the atrocities of my life away.
And was I so far away?

Follow me not!
For there remains a thought of doubt,
to the necessity and realization of my first conception of this path,
the first step I so took in years past,
and upon I walked in hopes and dreams and belief.
And then left,
to continue and finish,
a path without closure.