The Show

A remarkable performance.
with ups and downs,
downs and ups,
wee, wee, woo!
The audience applauds, the actors bow, and oh do they bow,
for what a show!
wee, woo, woo!

Everyone began leaving the scene: the audience, the performers,
But no,
not I.
I sat in my seat and clapped, clapped and clapped to my own audience.
That’s right!
You should have seen it,
I had stolen the show,
here I come!
Wee, wee, woosh!

And I would stand in my magnificence to cheers, and I would bow myself.
But when it was all over, I found yet again,
that there was only me.
And there were no woo’s, no wee’s, just me.
And I laughed at my fears, and they laughed at me.
For I was not content to die, for whom it seemed to be, as: me.

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