I remember when there was time.
That was different,
and I wasn’t caught with this feeling,
that everything was just collapsing.

I was standing among the ruins
as you
looked so sweetly at me.
It was a moment all for myself, the delight in your eyes, the smile on your lips, the sweet smell of lilacs about the air, and me, in shambles, about the ruins that were my home.

I turned my back to you and knelt in the ruins,
And when I turned around you were gone,
I couldn’t believe it.
There was no where to go to, so I assumed you would be back.

I waited.
Stood about.
Killing time.

And as my efforts became trivial,
I too felt a sense of calm,
of being,
of wishing,
of knowing that there will be a time, when I will be gone too,
and all was for nothing.

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