Thoughts on Priorities

At the end of the day what do we really have to look forward to? As animals we have a pre-determined fate called death and every day our expectations of that death come closer to realization. So again I ask, what is there to look forward to, if not the inevitable end. We are left wondering what point there is to anything and whether the answer is to simply resign and do nothing. Yet this logic is also flawed as we could just as easily ask why we are not doing anything. I suggest that perhaps the answer is in something called a shared narrative.

We as humans have a natural need to belong, to feel as if we are part of a greater whole and working towards collective goals. We need to think for the sake of others instead of ourselves, give, and offer despite inconveniences. This is not to say that we become martyrs or champions for the causes of others. It is simply to say that we share in a collective humanness and as such are obligated to a decency to seek understanding of others and think of others such that we may all avoid the grief and regret that accompanies rash decisions. A shared narrative can be formed on the foundation of this obligation to decency, and on this foundation we find a renewed meaning for life. A life centered upon others instead of simply ourselves: all other priorities becoming secondary.

Questions, Comments, Suggestions...

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