What Else to Do

I scratched my back because there was nothing else to do in that moment.
I was stuck.
As my agitation grew, I found more reasons to fidget.
My breathing tightened.
I stared out into the empty horizon,
of my computer,
work to be done.

I had a feeling my world would collapse at
any moment. Collapse upon us all,
profess it was tired and wanted a break.
I allowed myself the ridiculous proposition and thought:
who was I to know how things would end?

A cat stared at me.
It reminded me of,
ice cream,
its swirls and swirls of colorful fur,
and all its energy.

I wanted its mentality.
If only to escape,
the thoughts of the end of my life:
haunting me.

The cat stared at me.
Closure, was of no big importance, or concern,
to her.

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