A twinkle about her eyes,
a happiness and comfort of presence,
of thoughtful thoughtlessness,
of wanting to know yet never completely,
A memory I could cherish.

I see her walk with shattered confidence,
She asks me why I am here,
I talk,
as words fall upon deaf ears, and everything remains lost to her.
She walks me out in silence,
We hug despite the distance,
it offers a warmth for the coldness we have created and, for a moment, her eyes offer regret and remembrance,
I smile sadly,
She leaves to forget.

And still I wish for her to remember,
that there was once good,
and she was different.

Link to short story version.

Innocence Lasts

All around me I see the chaos,
The undeniable thought and presence of a power greater than the person whom I call,
Drifting around the madness, I finds others. There is a small glimmer of light,
of belonging, of spending long nights to talk with one other and exchange in fruitful laughter.
find the days past faster, companionship lasts and gives depth to the days of our necessary living. The day ends easily upon my conscience, hope retained.

More Than a Friend

A day to be remembered,
with cheers and congratulations,
sighs and relief,
turned away from us all,

A moment of hesitation,
Of thoughtless action,
brought a closure to the day,
where no praise would be given,
And all that would be left,

the sound of tension,
Foretelling the storm to come.