What ideas are really your own? Are all these ideas simply a manifest of another’s idea? Even the mere thought of having others ideas being your own ideas is not your own. Perhaps there is no escape. But no escape was ever needed in the first place. The chances are any idea you have had has been had already. It’s in the subtleties, the presentation of or doing of, that distinguish ideas. The medium matters and so does the execution. But this itself has been said already hasn’t it? It’s not a bad thing. You can rest easy knowing there is more familiarity in your life than you think. Someone somewhere has experienced what you have. But their solution and response does not matter. There is only you. A tradeoff must be made in any situation. And you will decide, there is no failure in this regard. We reclaim our humor knowing the insanity of any decision. Saying no has consequences. Saying yes has consequences. Your life depends on this. There is no other way. Left right center forward. Mostly right and left. Away. Deciding.

Questions, Comments, Suggestions...

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