We Continue

The same song plays on repeat. Anyone looking in would confess to a man gone crazy. No sane person listens to the same song 29 times over by choice. That would be called a questionable decision. One that I made, and in hindsight probably would regret if I ever truly looked in hindsight. The truth is looking at the past was never a way of learning from past mistakes. What does the past mean to me anyways? Most of us just do and think things for the hell of it. It doesn’t make those thoughts and actions any less real, but surely the rationale behind it is not as rational as we’d like to believe. Actions happen and thoughts flow and at the end of the day we’re left scratching each others backs because we all share in the same cause: insanity of the finest degree. Hi, nice to meet you, my name is Will.

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You Don’t Need to Be Saved

Be happy, don’t show those scars you have,
Conceal them even as it burns,
Hide them even when you need help,
You suffer alone, heal while you can,
And in one moment the pain returns,
You can’t escape it.
So let it bleed.
And bleed.
Until you realize,
Nothing could save you,
From love.

A Title is Important

A have nothing for you,
So leave me be,
Why do you continue to bother,
Even as I turn to leave,
Leave, leave, leave,
Set me free from my guilt,
And leave me be,
But remember what we did have,
Don’t mistake my intentions,
Leave you must,
But remember what we did have,
Because I haven’t forgotten.

Most Days I’m Okay

Sometimes I repeat the same thing over a lot,
Words, actions, behaviors, whatever they may be.
There’s something each of us keep repeating,
And to the outside world we’re crazy,
Sometimes we even get caught up in others craziness,
We hear them repeating so much, we end up repeating what they repeat,
But that doesn’t make sense,
Why should we repeat what others repeat?
Why- if all of us repeated what others repeated, we’d all be repeating what the repeaters repeated!
We’d all be crazy, and no one would be able to tell us!
So instead, just repeat your own repeat, not anyone else’s,
That way, at least someone can tell you you’re crazy.