No ideas come to him. It is unfortunate, but a part of the process. Nature has a way with things. You flow with it, allow it to shape you as you shape it. A joint process. Everything interconnected.

Ideas and subjective experiences are much the same. People often try to examine things in a vacuum. They focus on specific details. Details that are important, but don’t give the full complexity of the situation credit.

Patterns. We love patterns. Organization, foresight, certainty. Using models, we can predict the future. But in doing so, we ignore the obvious. Everything is always different. Nothing in the world has ever reoccurred in the exact same uniqueness. It is impossible. Fine, that offers absolutely nothing useful to your life. And you can say, what the hell am I supposed to make of that? Well… nothing. Most things are worth nothing.

And that’s why it is important to decide what is worth something to you! Ha. Actually, I disagree. Everything is worthwhile. But wait. I thought most things are worth nothing? That is correct. Anything, an idea, an object, alone is worth absolutely nothing. But every additional idea, object, whatever you encounter becomes worthwhile. The sum of all these entities can be worth something.

Diversify yourself. Try new things. Alone they may be worth nothing. But quantitatively, they may be the most important thing in your life.

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