Hello World

Restless. There is no sleeping tonight. Bad habits. One of many. There is no goal to this piece. No direction. It simply is. It is the result of tiredness and the refusal to fall asleep. This is a conscious decision. And it makes no sense.

Logic or emotion. Which holds sway? Each seem so important, yet so many times they are at odds with each other. You know you should take the job. But it just feels wrong. Everyone says the relationship was not meant to be, but it just feels right. On the other hand, you feel like giving up, but you know you must continue on. You feel like everything is great, but there is much work to be done.

A cool breeze rolls in through the window. It is welcome. A momentary distraction, pleasing. The silence of night. Confusion, non-understanding, uncertainty. Normal. Today is just like every other one.

The days come, the nights’ pass. Songs are song, laughs are had. Everything is fine. Contentment with it is nowhere to be found. A young lady passes him, smiles. A momentary distraction, pleasing.

Or is it more. Could it be, that this is not a distraction; that this has been the main event the whole time? The cool breeze, the people, the hum-drum of everyday life, those should be his focus. That is where his contentment lies.
He dismisses the thought. No. It could not be. He is under pressure. A pressure he fabricated himself that is stopping him. Reality.


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